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Vegan Banana Milk Shake

Can anything remind you more of the good old days, than a banana milkshake?

It is perfect, if you are lactose intolerant and miss those feel-good milkshakes.

Well trust me this is all you need and since it has a lot of protein in it it's perfect after your workout.

Useful ingredient information:

Cashew nuts

Is a vegan protein supplier and also helps us sleep better. If you prefer a perfect smooth creamy texture then soak the nuts in cold water the evening before.

Mapel syrup

Has the lowest glycemic load. Through that, it is great for diabetic people of course in moderation. A great alternative is also agave syrup.


  • 2 ripe bananas

  • 150g of cashew nuts

  • 2 tsp maple syrup

  • pinch of cinnamon

  • pinch of nutmeg

  • 400ml of almond milk

Let's start cooking:

  1. If you want it extra creamy, then soak the cashews the night before in water

  2. But it tastes great also without

  3. The key is to first blend the cashews as small as possible

  4. Now add the almond milk with the bananas

  5. To finish everything of add the cinnamon and nutmeg and blend again

  6. Maple syrup can be added to your preferred sweetness

  7. Just note the riper you bananas the sweeter it will be and you will require less maple syrup.



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