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Sesame fried string beans

When I was younger I would always hate eating string beans. They were bitter and didn't really have much flavor to them. But since then I have come a long way and learned, that everything tastes good, you just need to know of to prepare them. So let me share my very simple and quick secret on how to make string beans so delicious that you want to eat them every day. And most important you only need 3 ingredients (and salt and pepper).


  • 200-250g of string beans

  • 1 tsp sesame seeds

  • 1 tbsp of sesame seed oil

  • pinch of salt and pepper

Let's start cooking:

  • Start by washing your string beans and cut off the ends on both sides just 1-2 mm is enough

  • With a towel dry them well, there shouldn't be any more water or you will hurt yourself later

  • Preheat a small pan with the sesame seed oil

  • When the pan is really and I mean really hot, then throw in your string beans and stir fry them on high heat for 3-4 minutes

  • Don't forget to stir you don't want to let them burn

  • When they got a nice brown touch to them, lower the heat and add in the rest of the ingredients

  • Let it fry for another 5 minutes and do a small taste test

  • They should be thorough but still, have a bight to them

  • Now serve with a little more sesame seeds



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