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Ramos Gin Fizz

If you always wanted to know the most hated cocktail of every

bartender, then you should have a look at this recipe.

But don´t worry it's not liked by the bartenders because it isn't tasty, but because the preparations for this drink are a major arm workout.

This cocktail is actually a modern form of a Gin Fizz, the ingredients are similar to the original one.


  • 6 cl Gin

  • 1,5cl fresh lemon juice

  • 1,5cl fresh lime juice

  • 3cl simples syrup

  • 3cl heavy cream

  • 1x egg white

  • Dash orange bitter

  • 1 small bottle of soda

Lets start mixing:

  1. Preecool you highball glass or cool it down with a few ice cubes

  2. Put the Gin, lemon-, lime-juice, simple syrup and heavy cream in a shaker with ice.

  3. Shake the ingredients strongly for about 20 seconds

  4. With a strainer seperate the liquid from the ice

  5. Pour the mixture back into the shaker (without ice) and add the egg white

  6. Dry shake (shaking without ice) the drink very strongly for a minimum 40 seconds

  7. Fill the drink in your precooled highball glass

  8. Let the drink rest in the glass for about 1 minute

  9. The foam will rise to the top of the glass

  10. Add in a dash of orange bitter

  11. Finally very slowly pour in the soda, so that the foam goes over the bezel

  12. Garnish with a nice looking straw and enjoy the most hated cocktail

Pro tip:

Put the hairspring of the strainer in the shaker with the other

ingredients to make it easier to get a strong foam.



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