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Cranberry Mule

The first time I drank a moscow mule was in a dark jazz bar that had all kinds of variations of the mule. To keep that memory I wanted to show seasonal options for this cocktail. For those cold winter days, I wanted to bring the cranberry season into this drink but still keep the fizzy taste of the ginger beer.


  • 4cl Vodka

  • 8cl cranberry juice

  • 8cl ginger beer

  • juice of half a lemon

Let's start mixing:

  1. Fill a mule glass with crushed ice

  2. Pour in vodka, cranberry juice and the lemon juice

  3. Stir slowly with a spoon

  4. Add the ginger beer to add the fizziness

  5. Garnish with a hand full of cranberries and a mint leave



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