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Whose secret kitchen are we talking about?

Hi, my name is Naomi and this is my secret kitchen, let me tell you how I started cooking.

My mom was working a lot so she didn't always have time to cook for us, but she still did even when she was really tired.
To lift some weight off her shoulders I started teaching myself how to cook. Well, it started with a burnt pot of spaghetti pasta. My mother thought it was hilarious and was just happy that I didn't burn the house down. After that, she started putting me in the kitchen every time she was cooking. All she would say was: "Watch and Learn!"

As a half german and half American my culinary range was growing every day through my mother's knowledge. She truly is a fantastic cook and never stops inventing new recipes or bringing back old ones from my grandma.

This Website is for all those people who don't have a lot of time to cook or want to surprise their loved ones on the weekend with a fancy dinner. Let me help you make great dishes with no effort.
Of course, your guilty pleasure recipes won't be missing on this Website

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